Workshop on (Interreg) PSYCHE Project on 8 May 2019

Workshop on (Interreg) PSYCHE Project on 8 May 2019

The overall goal of PSYCHE is to produce building blocks (olefins) from plastic waste to be reused by the chemical industry. Specifically, the project aims at developing and demonstrating an innovative technology to gasify various plastic wastes fluxes. The syngas produced will then be converted in building blocks through Fischer-Tropsch reaction. The technical feasibility, economic viability and ecological impact (LCA) of the conversion process will be assessed. This FWVL Interreg project gathered complementary expertise regarding chemical recycling of plastic wastes for a successful transfer to industrialists in the region.   The workshop programme will develop as below:  

Time slots per Speaker:

16:00-16:15 > The PSYCHE project -
Prof. Kevin Van Geem, Ghent University

16:15-16:45 > An European vision on chemical recycling -
Hervé Millet, Director Technical and       Regulatory Affairs, PlasticsEurope

16:45-17:15 > Gasification of solid and tar-like materials – Large-scale commercial applications and potential issues to plastic recycling -
Qi Chen, consultant, Chiron AlkaTrans Technology

17:15-17:30 > Potential plastic feedstock for gasification -
Prof. Steven De Meester, Ghent University

17:30-18:00 >  Brainstorm on new value chains for plastic waste gasification    


Current participants proceed from:

nova-Institut GmbH, Trinity College Dublin and PMNC group, Total Research & Technology Feluy, Faerch, ULB - Tech Transfer Office, GreenWin, ValBiom, RWTH Aachen University, Kezacoom, Forschungszentrum Jülich, UCLouvain, Ghent University, essenscia Polymatters, deSter, SPF Economie, PME, Classes moyennes et Energie, SPW-Research...   

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