Strengthening of skills

Management Carbone

This project proposes a university certificate on carbon auditing and the strategic management of carbon within the enterprise. It is aimed at company decision makers and the external experts advising them. The project is directly linked to the R&D GAZTON project. It offers 4 alternative activities that can be undertaken together or separately (1 short module, 1 common-core syllabus and 2 options). It has seen improvements, with the support of GreenWin, to better correspond to market expectations.




This project proposes an innovative university certificate on the technical, regulatory and economic aspects of biomass waste valorisation. It is destined for those working in research departments, public administration and companies from the relevant sectors. On the basis of the evaluation of the training by the participants, the provider has adapted the course in order to offer short modules. It is also planned that these modules will be promoted via the GreenSkills catalogue programme.




This project proposes to train laboratory technicians and production operators specialised in green chemistry. The objective is to develop this training in alternation with theoretical apprenticeships in training centres and practical apprenticeships in enterprise.
The aim is to release on the employment market people who are competent in these trades, in short supply, who are prepared for the necessary evolution of industrial machinery, with qualifications that correspond to the real needs of companies, who are mindful of the environment and security aware.




Continuing education for an eco-innovating Walloon industry /Reinforcement of the eco-innovation capacities of companies. 

Jalon GO/NO GO refused as of 27/10/2016