EU Project Smart CO2 Transformation : SCOT

« SCOT » is a first European initiative in terms of recycling and CO2 valorisation .

The project aims to identify the tools to enable the transformation of CO2 into high value added products.

A consortium of 10 European operators from five different regions, each with a strong industrial profile (Rhône-Alpes (Fr), Rotterdam (NL), Yorkshire (UK), Germany and Wallonia (BE)), are involved in this project.

The SCOT project seeks to fulfil three main objectives:

  1. Define a strategic European research agenda targeting the technical and economic improvement of technologies for transforming CO2 and the development of new solutions and their industrial applications.
  2. Attract additional European clusters, regions and investors to integrate the R&D programmes and cooperate in other collaborative activities defined by a Joint Action Plan.
  3. Suggest structural measures to support the transition towards a Europe that values a "CO2 as ressource" approach, with a view to improving  the competitiveness and environmental performance of the European  Union on the international scene.

To date, the CO2 issue is above all and as a matter of priority approached from the standpoint  of reducing  emissions: renewable forms of energy, improvements in processes and methods. While these actions are useful, they are not however sufficient.

The capturing and storage of CO2 in geological formations (CCS - Carbon Capture & Storage) are today technically possible and installations that demonstrate this are in fact already operational. But this avenue does not create wealth and requires consequential investments and operational costs, which limit its development.

The « SCOT » European project will allow for the transformation of  CO2 in three different ways :

  • Raw materials for use in chemistry (synthons)
  • Second generation fuels (methane, methanol, …)
  • Construction materials (mineralisation).

The sale value of these products could compensate for the investments and operational costs, ensuring a bright future for these technologies.

The SCOT project, which started in October 2013 for a three year period, is coordinated by the GreenWin cluster.

It received financing from the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration.

More information on this project is available on the dedicated website: .