A H2020 BBI JU EU-funded Flagship Project : AgriChemWhey (ACW)

Based in Ireland, AgriChemWhey is a European biorefinery pilot project for the industrial production of numerous by-products such as alternative biodegradable bioplastics from the dairy industry by a consortium of 11 partners in 5 different countries.

This pilot project of four years was launched in January 2018. It consists in the testing and validating of an industrial production model for the transformation and utilisation of waste from the Irish dairy sector in order to diversify distribution channels, revenue sources, stimulate the creation of jobs and bounce back from revenue losses in the conventional dairy industry. Aimed at resolving the problems of milk overproduction after the abolishment of milk quotas in the EU, this revolutionary project should see its first reproductions in Wallonia in the future.

As a result of its commitment to the  Memorandum of Bio-based Economy « the Green Rooster », GreenWin is charged with the distribution, exploitation and communication, outside of Ireland, of this project. The model being developed is an industrial process for the transformation and non-food valorisation of lactic acid into various by-products, such as, for example, bioplastic and  bio-based inputs, amongst other things.
11 partners- Irish, British, Belgian, German and Austrian -are working together towards the implementation of the project. For further information (in English), click here.

 All you need to know about #AgriChemWhey - an explanatory video produced by #GreenWin, partner of this EU project led by Glanbia!