Marketing & Communications

Our aim is to bring you out of the shadows, to get you known and highlight your know-how and expertise, ensure that your skills are noticed and help you obtain the support of investors and the assistance of suitable partners.

Once you become a member, GreenWin is in a better position to highlight your achievements, know-how and expertise via the production and distribution of targeted releases, on a proactive basis, but always in consultation with yourselves.

We have a number of communication tools at our disposal:

  • our website
  • our social networks : LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
  • ‘off-line’ productions
  • a targeted and methodical press coverage, at national as well as international level
  • ensuring visibility during events, missions, international exhibitions and fairs
  • highlighting of your projects in our blog, our eNewsletter and in our flash news


We can also help you with the production of your promotional content - videos, on and offline brochures, flyers, roll-up banners - while also negotiating competitive prices, providing you with a quality assurance guarantee, and assisting you in identifying priority targets.

We can of course also work together with you to create a tailor-made plan for all your marketing and communications needs.

Contact Person

Marketing & Communication Manager
+32 (0)472 78 39 48.