The setting up of a project is not only time consuming, it can also take up an enormous amount of energy.  Quite often project initiators have wonderful ideas for innovative projects but lack the necessary resources to guarantee their successful setting up: whether as a result of overworked teams, a lack of experience when it comes to the writing up of financial proposals, an absence of additional team members for the setting up of a successful consortium … the reasons are manifold and can end up causing blockages that are nonetheless surmountable.

This is where at Greenwin our Project Cell and our International Cell can both be of assistance.

We would suggest going over the different types of projects supported by the cluster with you and clarifying the procedure that needs to be followed for the writing up your project proposal. We would also explain how we could guide you through the whole process or if necessary redirect you towards alternative suitable means of financing.

Please note however that cluster projects are only accessible to Cluster Members. If you wish to have access to the financing process and to the relevant services that can assist with the setting up of your project, we would ask you to first check your membership status.