International Calendar

Networking activities with other Walloon operators and foreign partners

The International Cell strives to organise a number of missions in collaboration with its Walloon and foreign partners, and to also welcome a number of international delegations to Wallonia.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of events that are already being scheduled for 2019.

Mission Canada

Date and location: 29/09-04/10/2019; Quebec, Canada

Cluster axes: Green chemistry, sustainable construction

Description of the activity or event:
GreenWin is planning a mission to Quebec during 2019 in collaboration with the cluster EcoConstruction, and within the framework of its partnership with the CRIBIQ and the first 2 collaborative projects that are being set up as a result of this partnership.

A focus on sustainable construction and bio-sourced materials is therefore envisaged, in accordance particularly with the Walloon eco-construction cluster, as well as the PRIMA consortium of Quebec, CRIBIQ’s equivalent in the sector of advanced materials.

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Environmental Mission to Switzerland

Date and location: Dates to be confirmed; Geneva, Switzerland

Cluster axes: Environment

Description of the activity or event
Within the framework of its collaboration with the cluster CleanTech Alps Swiss, and in consultation with the Scientific Liaison Agent of WBI and the Economic and Commercial Counsellor of AWEX, GreenWin is planning a mission in the environmental sector (treatment of waste, water treatment) to Switzerland.

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