Application Submission Procedure

Submission procedure - Principles 

Submission procedure - Principles 

GreenWin and project confidentiality

Confidentiality is a main priority of ours. Within the context of the structuring of your project, the GreenWin cluster team pledges, at every step of the way, to keep strictly private any and all confidential information that it might have access to, and to not divulge any of this information without the prior written permission of its rightful owners.



More specifically the following rules will apply:

Your projects will always be treated with the utmost confidentiality by the cluster

Every single member of the team, whether an expert or administrator of the cluster, has signed a non-disclosure agreement to which he or she is personally bound.


The operational team is therefore bound by this duty of confidentiality

  • Ideas suggested within the working group all emanate from public documents or from university or CRA proposals.
  • If a proposed theme leads to a project, from that moment on any discussions relating to it shall continue within a restricted group, and only with the partners that are directly concerned.
  • On the basis of a letter of intent, it will be your decision to accept any of these potential partners, or not
  • Two similar projects will only be associated with the consent of all concerned partners

The evaluation committee and the jury are also under obligation to respect this duty of confidentiality

The names of any expert(s) studying your files will be made known to you and you will be entitled to reject any such expert if you so wished.

The Governing Council is not immune to this duty either

The content of detailed files is never made available to members of the Council.
You are nonetheless entitled to point out any conflict of interest that you feel might exist in which case the administrator would withdraw from the selection process of your project by the cluster.