A First: Proximus joins GreenWin Innovation Cluster

A First: Proximus joins GreenWin Innovation Cluster

The Belgian innovation cluster dedicated to industrial and environmental transition in the fields of  Construction, Chemistry and Green Techs GreenWin is delighted to welcome telecommunications company Proximus as a member of its eco-community. This new association not only brings added dimension to the development, objectives, and potential in respect of new partnerships to the cluster and its members, it also opens them up to a whole range of fresh perspectives : a new chapter in our ecosystem is being written.  

The common objective of Proximus and GreenWin is exploring together the possibilities of speeding up Proximus’s green strategy in terms of
> new laboratory experiments with a particular emphasis on eco-friendly innovation
> an energy storage strategy and pilot with batteries
> exploring the data potential and smart auditing of electricity users in technical buildings
> exploring possibilities of cooperation with other members of the hub for the development and renovation of part of the Proximus property portfolio
> an in-depth study for a zero-waste strategy
> an in-depth study for the possibility of producing and storing clean hydrogen and a pilot project for the use of hydrogen in the company’s HGVs
> A clear-cut analysis of the co-financing opportunities for each initiative.  

As a result of its membership, Proximus will now be able to move faster between intention and action, in full awareness of all causes and effects, since every single GreenWin project goes through a Life Cycle Assessment. This precautionary measure is undertaken to avoid the slightest risk of greenwashing and initiate an approach that is both genuine and profound.  

« Proximus aims to become a company that is truly circular by 2030 and reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2040. Our membership of the GreenWin ecosystem will help us in attaining this ambitious and crucial target. GreenWin will enable us to explore cross-fertilisation with other industrial sectors to encourage co-creation in the field of sustainable development, while at the same time adding telecommunications elements to the toolbox of GreenWin members pursuing these environmental objectives . » - Patrick DELCOIGNE, Director Network Engineering & Operations, Proximus.

« Proximus joining us marks an important turning point in the life cycle of the GreenWin hub. It reveals the growing awareness that is being felt by major historic participants in the Belgian ecosystem of the absolute necessity to consider ways of operating that are new and radically eco-friendly. We can only rejoice at this, not only at GreenWin’s level, but also on a societal level! » - Véronique GRAFF, Managing Director, GreenWin.