How is Carbon-Negative Chemical Production via gas fermentation leading to circularity? Meet Michael KÖPKE & Babette PETTERSEN from LanzaTech to find out

How is Carbon-Negative Chemical Production via gas fermentation leading to circularity? Meet Michael KÖPKE & Babette PETTERSEN from LanzaTech to find out

The climate crisis and rapid population growth pose some of the most urgent challenges to mankind, intensifying the need for the deployment of carbon capture and utilisation technologies. Gas fermentation using carbon-fixing microorganisms offers a solution with unique feedstock and product flexibility, compared to other available gas-to-liquid technologies. LanzaTech has pioneered the commercialisation of a gas fermentation process for the conversion of steel mill emissions into ethanol. Advancements in process technology and synthetic biology enable a broad range of feedstocks, including emissions from various industries, or syngas generated from any waste biomass resource, to be converted into a wide range of molecules, realising a circular economy. Acetone and isopropanol are important industrial bulk and platform chemicals, exclusively produced from fossil resources today. By engineering the gas fermenting biocatalyst, we have developed a new sustainable route that offers over 160% greenhouse gas savings. Through a combination of modelling, strain engineering and process development we have optimised flux to achieve commercially relevant production rates and scaled the process.

Dr Michael KÖPKE is a pioneer in Synthetic Biology in the field of carbon fixing microbes. A seminal study led by him provided a first genetic blueprint of anaerobic gas fermenting microbes, and a demonstration that these gas fermenting microbes can be reprogrammed for the synthesis of fuel and chemicals directly from greenhouse gas emissions and waste resources.
As Vice President of Synthetic Biology at LanzaTech - a company that is revolutionising the way the world thinks about waste carbon by treating it as an opportunity, rather than a liability - Michael is at the helm of LanzaTech’s genetic tools and strain development efforts, and is also responsible for a number of R&D collaborations with both industrial and academic partners.
He holds a PhD from the University of Ulm and has over 15 years’ experience in the Biotech field. He is one of the recipients of the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge award for Greener Synthetic Pathways, has filed over 100 patents and authored over 40 peer-reviewed articles. Michael serves as adjunct lecturer at Northwestern University, and is scientific advisor to/ board member of a number of organisations such as the Engineering Biology Research Consortium or the Joint Genome Institute, amongst others.

Babette PETTERSEN is VP Europe for LanzaTech, a pioneer in carbon capture technology that turns waste streams into ethanol that can be used for fuels and chemicals. Before joining LanzaTech, Babette was Director of Business Development at Ginkgo Bioworks, an early-stage leader in synthetic biology. Prior to that, she had been Chief Business Development Officer at Capricorn Venture Partners, Chief Commercial Officer at BioAmber, and VP New Business Development for Performance Materials at Royal DSM. Previously, Babette had held marketing and new business development roles in different industry groups at Dow Corning for over 20 years.
Babette has a BSc in Biology from Wellesley College, USA, and an MBA from INSEAD, France. She is currently based in Brussels.

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