How will Carbon capture & H2 open up the route to fossil-free fuel? Meet Jean JOUET from John Cockerill Group & Jean-Yves TILQUIN from Carmeuse to find out !

How will Carbon capture & H2 open up the route to fossil-free fuel? Meet Jean JOUET from John Cockerill Group & Jean-Yves TILQUIN from Carmeuse to find out !

A reduction in CO2 emissions is key to reaching climate targets in 2050. Industry, which accounts for 30-40% of emissions according to evaluations, has a role to play. If technical solutions are implemented for car transport or domestic heating, most of them are still at an early stage for industry. This is due to high temperatures, or process-related emissions. Nevertheless, a wide variety of solutions are tested, with a focus in 3 areas: electrification firstly, then use of H2 as a fuel or reductive agent in processes, and thirdly carbon capture, as CO2 will remain unavoidable. At the end, a combination of solutions will be used, particularly in the transition period. In this evolution, carbon capture will play a key role, because it is necessary to achieve carbon neutrality; carbon is a key component for many industries and CO2 combined with H2 may be the new source for hydrocarbonates. Columbus, a joint project between ENGIE, Carmeuse, and John Cockerill, is a good example of the so-called 'Power to X' route, one way to get rid of CO2 emissions. Let us open up this route !

Jean JOUET is a civil engineer from the Ecole des MINES de NANCY with 32 years’ experience in the steel industry in France, Belgium and the Ukraine.
In the early 80s, at a time when the first and second oil crises hardly impacted the industry, he worked in R&D at IRSID.
From 1987 he held various positions at Sollac Florange in production: supply chain, technical relations for the automotive market (at Sollac Paris), and plant management.
In 2001 he integrated Cockerill-Sambre as COO, before becoming plant director in Dunkerque, then CEO at ArcelorMittal Ukraine. In 2010 worked for NLMK Europe Strip Products as COO.
Finally, with CMI becoming John Cockerill, he joined the group as CTO 9 years ago.
He is fully convinced that industry remains key for our economy and that the global warming challenge can be overcome, thanks to science, technology, and common-sense behaviour!

Jean-Yves TILQUIN obtained a PhD in Chemistry from Université Catholique de Louvain in 1991.
He spent 10 years as an academic researcher in Belgium and abroad, after which he decided to turn to the Walloon industry by joining one of Wallonia’s major industrial and international companies, Carmeuse Group, in 1997.
The CO2 emissions challenge has been at the heart of his work and activities for more than 10 years, not only as Group R&D Director for Carmeuse Group, but also as one of the founding members of the GreenWin Innovation Cluster, and of CO2 Value Europe, where he has been respectively appointed as executive board member and as Deputy Chairman.

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