Meet Philippe MENGAL from BBI JU, on our Master Session #2, on 24 September at 10 AM

Meet Philippe MENGAL from BBI JU, on our Master Session #2, on 24 September at 10 AM

Philippe MENGAL has been the Executive Director of the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) since 1 October 2015. His mission is to further consolidate the role and responsibilities of the BBI JU.
Mr. Mengal trained as an engineer in Chemistry and Bio-industry at the Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech University, and subsequently in Strategic Innovation Management at INSEAD - Fontainebleau in France.
In his 25 years of professional experience before he joined the BBI JU, Mr. Mengal had held strategic managerial positions in France and Belgium, namely as CEO of three separate companies, as Global R&D Director of a multinational, and as Senior Consultant in the food ingredient, engineering and life science industries.

Topic Title
BBI JU – New biorefineries for new bio-based products

In the EU we have first class universities, research centres and global industrial leaders in several sectors of the Bioeconomy. But now we are called upon to achieve something very specific: sustainable growth for our continent and our citizens by making the most of the excellent science we produce in Europe!
And this is where BBI JU comes in as a broker!

BBI has set the cornerstone in order to concretely transform knowledge into innovative solutions that generate growth and value for both the economy and the people of Europe. And today the Bio-based sector is worth 700 bn euros and counts 3.7 million direct jobs!
By 2020 we expect:
143 new cross-sector interconnections and
113 new bio-based value chains against a target of 10 in 2017
Those figures again confirm that the two main positive effects of BBI JU are still the structuring effect of organising the value chains across sectors and the mobilising effect of all key stakeholders across sectors and across geographies.

BBI JU has been and continues to be a high-impact initiative.

Each Master Session will take up to 2 hours from 10 AM till noon and will be themed according to the following specific subjects:
Session #1New (bio)resources – 10 September 2020
Session #2New (bio)products – 24 September 2020
Session #3: New technologies > industrial micro bio network ­– 8 October 2020
Session #4: New technologies > enzymatic and extraction technologies – 29 October 2020

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