Meet Prof. Juha LEHTONEN from VTT - Finland at our online Master Session #1, on 10 September at 10 AM

Meet Prof. Juha LEHTONEN from VTT - Finland at our online Master Session #1, on 10 September at 10 AM

Juha LEHTONEN is Research Professor in Bioenergy and Thermochemical Processes at VTT and leader of its Carbon Reuse Economy strategic focus area.

He has a long career within industrial research organisations as a specialist in chemical reaction engineering, the catalysis and development of biofuel, oil refinery, and specialty chemical processes.

Before starting at VTT in 2016 he worked for four years as a professor of Industrial Chemistry at Aalto University (Espoo, Finland), concentrating on the catalytic conversion of sustainable raw materials into value-added chemicals and fuels.

He is an author and/or co-author of 79 peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Topic Title

Production of value-added fuels, chemicals and materials from biogenic CO2 emissions.


The capture and utilisation of carbon dioxide from biogenic emissions- including bioenergy production, biogas generation and emissions from pulp mills- may enable the manufacturing of products with negative carbon footprints. This is specifically possible in the case of materials as end products with a lifetime stretching decades.

Almost all organic chemical products that are being manufactured today from crude oil can, in principle, be produced from carbon dioxide. However, a significant amount of electrical energy is typically needed for production, after the energy is converted into hydrogen by water electrolysis. It is the availability and pricing of renewable electricity that is the main hurdle in the commercialisation of CCU-based products. In this presentation we examine some feasible pathways leading from biogenic carbon dioxide to fuels, chemicals and materials that have the potential of being commercialised in the near future.

Each Master Session will take up to 2 hours from 10 AM till noon and will be themed according to the following specific subjects:
Session #1New (bio)resources – 10 September 2020
Session #2New (bio)products – 24 September 2020
Session #3: New technologies > industrial micro bio network ­– 8 October 2020
Session #4: New technologies > enzymatic and extraction technologies – 29 October 2020

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